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Cabin Layouts


Airbus Helicopters offers a wide array of cabin layouts that can be perfectly adapted to its customers’ missions. The same helicopter model can be delivered in completely different configurations.



Airbus Helicopters takes special care to maximize the functionality of its cabin interiors and ensure top-notch comfort.

When it comes to cabin interiors, anything (or almost anything) goes at Airbus Helicopters, which makes every effort to meet its customers’ requests and adapt layouts to all types of operational needs. Among the many different components that can be customized are covering panels, the finishing, seat configurations and IFE (in-flight entertainment) systems. While technical performance and flight safety always remain the top priority, Airbus Helicopters takes special care to maximize the functionality of its cabin interiors and ensure comfort.

“Across our entire helicopter range, the various options featured in our catalogue enable us to immediately fulf ill 80 percent of the requests we receive,” said Thierry Roman, who is in charge of the Cabin Interiors & VIP unit in Marignane. “For the remaining 20 percent, we can always find suitable customization solutions. Each market segment has its own special features, however. The EC155 VIP version, for example, has three cabin configurations (for seats and furnishings) with about a dozen additional options available. For the oil & gas sector, we offer cabin layouts that are specifically adapted to the survival suits the passengers wear during offshore flights. We account for the bulky suits to optimize comfort for the passengers’ knees and shoulders.”

‘‘For cabin customization,
the only limit is the complete
safety of the helicopter.’’

Leather seats when only the best will do.

Helicopters that perform air ambulance missions are fitted with much the same equipment as their road-based counterparts, such as a stretcher, vacuum mattress, splints, ventilation system, and a defibrillator. An incubator can also be installed for transporting newborns.
Customized military helicopters may be equipped with flexible interior panels in order to establish the optimal balance between performance and weight.
Airbus Helicopters also can create luxury interiors offering a wide range of comforts, from the Corporate configuration – for which carpeting and leather seats are standard – up to VIP and Executive versions such as those unveiled last spring for the EC175.
“We can do just about anything when it comes to customization work,” added Roman. “The only limit we set for ourselves is of course the complete safety of the helicopter.”