Aerial photography: French photographer captures the world's beauty from above

12 August 2015

"I think flying is the best way to explain the Earth's beauty. That's what I set out to show," says French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Arthus-Bertrand is the eye behind some of the world's most stunning aerial photography, much of which he captures from inside a helicopter.
In this video a team from Airbus Helicopters accompanies Arthus-Bertrand on a sunset photo shoot aboard an Ecureuil rotorcraft operated by Hélicoptères de France as he captures images of Marseille's iconic Notre-Dame de la Garde cathedral and the Mediterranean Sea.

"We shoot everything in slow motion, to give the human eye the time to take in the majesty," he says. "Usually we move too fast. We no longer see the beauty around us."

Helping him capture these magnificent moments are the helicopter pilots who bring him above the world.
"I've flown in many helicopters, and the Ecureuil is the ideal aircraft," he says. "But I owe my photos to the pilots. They take me there. We share a love for the sights together."

Video in French. Click "CC" to view English subtitles.