Dear Customers,
Welcome to the photo contest page - where you can help us build the 2020 Airbus Helicopters civil and military calendars!
If you are :
-         Employed by an operating company which is a customer of Airbus Helicopters
-         Or the operating company of Airbus Helicopters having the rights to enter the image into the contest from the photographer who took the photograph
Load up your best photographs now for either the civil calendar, “Machines & people” or the military calendar, “At the heart of the action” by clicking the image below.
Photographs will be evaluated according to their originality, their quality, the usefulness of the photographed mission and the emotion evoked.
You will find the rules and conditions for participation on the “Rules of the photo contest” page for both “Machines & people” and the military calendar, “At the heart of the action”
In case of difficulty, feel free to contact us:
This calendar will be yours too!