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October 7, 2016

Airbus Helicopters takes note of EASA’s decision to lift the temporary suspension it had put in place on 2 June 2016 for the H225 and AS332 L2 fleet. We are providing assistance to our customers and working with related stakeholders in order to help them return their aircraft to service at the appropriate time. Meanwhile, we maintain our full support to the AIBN in the frame of the ongoing investigation.

June 28, 2016

Airbus Helicopters takes note of the AIBN’s preliminary report update and welcomes the significant progress made by the investigation. We continue to focus our efforts on providing assistance to the investigation team and the authorities as they work toward the identification of the accident root cause. In parallel, we are putting precautionary measures in place to support our global customers and address potential initiating events.

June 2, 2016

In light of new findings from the AIBN’s preliminary accident investigation report, Airbus Helicopters supports EASA's cautious approach. We continue to fully support the ‎AIBN, EASA, our customers and the ongoing investigation by providing information in full transparency, while working with the wider industry to ensure safety.

May 31, 2016

Following the statement published on May 27th, Airbus Helicopters feels the need to clarify its position to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Airbus Helicopters is not ruling out any of the scenarios described by the AIBN in its updated preliminary report into the tragic LN-OJF accident. Although significant progress has been made in analyzing information regarding the suspension bar attachments, more work needs to be done on scenarios involving the epicyclic module and the MGB conical housing.

We would like to stress that our chief priority is to further support the ongoing AIBN investigation and to identify the accident’s root cause.

May 27, 2016

Airbus Helicopters welcomes the publication on 27 May 2016 by the AIB Norway (AIBN) of its updated preliminary accident report. Airbus Helicopters is encouraged by the progress of the investigation and continues to provide its full support to the AIBN.

Experts from the official investigation team have met this week at Airbus Helicopters facilities in Marignane. As stated in the AIBN report, “the main purpose of this 3-day meeting was to agree on further investigation of the parts that the AIBN has sealed and sent to Airbus Helicopters, and to discuss a list of possible scenarios that could explain the detachment of the main rotor.”

According to Airbus Helicopters’ analysis, seven potential initial events have been retained to explain the main rotor detachment of LN-OJF. Out of these seven scenarios, only one – the failure of the attachment of a suspension bar – can be assessed as probable by Airbus Helicopters, based on the information available to date.

At this stage, the exact cause of this possible event is still unknown. Analysis of the helicopter’s maintenance history has just started and should provide a better understanding of the most likely causes.

May 13, 2016

Airbus Helicopters welcomes the AIBN’s preliminary report and is encouraged by the progress of the investigation. We continue to focus our efforts on providing assistance to the investigation team, while working closely with our global customers to ensure that checks mandated by Airbus Helicopters and EASA are completed in support of the continued operations of the EC225LP.

May 3, 2016

Airbus Helicopters welcomes the announcement made by the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) today.

The investigation will now solely be focused on potential root causes of a technical failure, such as design, production, and/or maintenance.

Airbus Helicopters continues to provide its full support to the AIBN investigation.

At this stage and based on the latest information, preliminary inspection of the main gearbox vertical shaft shows no link with the 2012 ditching events.

In addition to the SIN 3031-S-00 and based on the on-going root cause analysis process, precautionary measures are requested:

  • An airworthiness directive has been issued requesting measures newly defined in the EASB 53A058 and additional one-off maintenance checks.

  • The EASB 53A058 requests the verification of the correct installation of all MGB suspension bar attachments for the EC225LP. Similar measures will be published shortly for the EC725AP in a specific ASB.

  • May 1, 2016

    Considering the additional information gathered during the last 48 hours, Airbus Helicopters’ decision, at this stage, is to not suspend flights of any nature for the EC225LP.

    However, out of respect for all those affected by the accident, Airbus Helicopters continues to stand by the decision taken by the Norwegian and UK authorities to put commercial EC225LP passenger flights on hold in Norway and in the UK.

    As investigations are progressing, Airbus Helicopters intends to provide an update in the coming days.

    April 29, 2016

    Airbus Helicopters regrets to confirm that a H225 operated by CHC was involved in a fatal accident off the coast of Norway near Turoey outside Bergen on Friday 29th April.

    Preliminary information obtained indicates that the helicopter was flying from Gullfaks B oil platform and was carrying a crew of 2 people plus 11 passengers from Statoil ASA. Latest reports state that 11 people have died and two are missing.

    Airbus Helicopters and all of its staff are deeply affected by this tragic accident. We share the pain of the families, friends and colleagues of the victims.

    At this point in the investigation, we do not have any information that allows us to understand the causes of the accident that involved the aircraft’s rotor being detached, nor to make any links to events that have occurred previously.

    Airbus Helicopters is participating in the on-going investigation and two technical experts are currently on their way to Norway to provide their assistance to the local authorities. In the frame of the investigation, information related to the background of the aircraft is being gathered. The preliminary elements of the inquiry should become available in the coming days.

    Under these tragic circumstances, and until these elements are available, we are allied with the decision taken to put all commercial EC225LP passenger flights on hold.