Eagle Helicopter AG: Lord of the Skies

On March 31, the Swiss operator Eagle Helicopter AG took delivery of its new AS332 C1 Super Puma. Rotor Journal met up with company CEO Stephan Speiser and his wife, Anne.

© Eurocopter / Patrick Penna
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This Super Puma from the 9000 Series of helicopters complements the 2 AS350 B3 Ecureuils already operated by Eagle Helicopter AG.

© Eurocopter / Thierry Rostang
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Why did you choose the Super Puma?
Stephan Speiser:
We wanted to find a bigger helicopter to replace the K-Max and complement our two AS350 B3 Ecureuils. We looked long and hard at our options, and finally chose the Super Puma.
Anne Speiser: Two factors were decisive in our choice. Number one: The firstclass support provided by the Eurocopter sales team who helped us find the aircraft best suited to our needs. Number two: The fact that Eurocopter is always listening to its customers. Because of its high useful load, the Super Puma is particularly well suited to the aerial work we do in the high mountains, which is often performed in very tough weather conditions.

How did you get ready to operate this new aircraft?
S. S.: Our pilots and technicians underwent training and we contacted customers to let them know about the additional services that we would soon be offering. On our website, we set up a “flight plan” for all the operations that we are going to perform. The flight plan is continuously updated to tell our customers when and where a mission can be organized.
A. S.: Of course, this kind of reorganization does cause some disruption for a small outfit like ours. But we can rely on our highly motivated and dedicated employees.

What type of work will your Super Puma do?
A. S.: Our main activity is heli-logging. But, thanks to its higher useful load, we can also use the Super Puma to install cell phone antennas and telephone lines. Passenger transportation is another service we can offer.

Where do you see the greatest growth potential?
S. S.: In firefighting and installing high voltage power lines, for example. More and more, the demand for firefighting capabilities is coming from other countries in Europe, such as Spain and Greece, and we estimate that 70% of our work in this field should come from abroad.


Fact Sheet

• Name: Eagle Helicopter AG
• Creation: 2002
• Employees: 36 (including 5 pilots)
• Management: Stephan Speiser, CEO; Thomas Bolzli, Managing Director; Christian Gerber, Swiss German Project Manager; Rolf Strübin, Financial and Administrative Director
• Bases: Zweisimmen and Sion
• Type of Activities: Passenger transport (taxi flights, heliski, panoramic flights), aerial work (heli-logging(1), special heli-logging operations(2), construction/ removal, firefighting).

(1) Transporting wood by helicopter
(2) Cutting and transporting live trees