© Eurocopter / Éric Raz
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MAY 12 TO 14, 2009 _ EBACE

At the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, Eurocopter unveiled the first Stylence version of the EC145. The latest addition to the Stylence family, the EC145 combines ergonomics and sophisticated technology to offer companies and business people fully equipped flying offices. The EC145 is the fifth Eurocopter helicopter in the Stylence range, which already includes the EC120, the EC130 and the AS350 B2, AS350 B3 and AS355 NP Ecureuil/AStar. Five Stylence versions of the EC145 have already been sold in Germany, Brazil, France, India and Luxembourg.

© Fotostelle ECD
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FALCON AVIATION SERVICES  _ Delivery of the First "Helicoptère par Hermès"

The first "Hélicoptère par Hermès" was recently delivered to Falcon Aviation Services, an aviation service provider in the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf. This luxurious version of the EC135 was unveiled at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi on May 4, 2009. Eurocopter and Hermès created this top-of-the-range product for business travelers. The helicopter will soon be operating in the region, offering passengers an atmosphere of comfort and sophistication.

© Helibras
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APRIL 14 TO 17, 2009 _ Latin America Aerospace & Defense

During the Latin America Aerospace & Defense (LAAD) show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from April 14 to 17, 2009, Eurocopter and its Brazilian subsidiary, Helibras, announced the introduction of the first helicopter flight simulator in Latin America. The simulator, which will be operational in two years, has been designed to represent the cockpits and missions of the EC725. It will be primarily used to train the pilots who will fly the 50 EC725s ordered by the Brazilian government at the end of last year. Helibras will build the EC725s at its Itajubá plant in the state of Minas Gerais.

© Eurocopter / Patrick Penna
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EC175 _ Power up!

The first EC175 prototype was powered up right on schedule on April 6, 2009. After an initial assembly phase, and a few preliminary checks, this was a major step marking the start of the electrical and avionics ground tests, which will verify that the aircraft equipment and wiring are operating correctly. Finalizing the assembly and tests will take a few more months. The aircraft will then be transferred to the flight line, where the ground run-up phase can begin. The maiden flight is set to take place before the year is out.