Greener Sites

Since January 2009, all the Group’s European sites have received the ISO 14001 certification—the strictest environmental management standard. But Eurocopter wants to go further than the standard requires by introducing the “green site” concept.

 Eurocopter / Patrick Penna
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A plant can be sustainably managed, for example, by creating green spaces to offset its environmental footprint.

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"We’re determined to make our industrial sites greener and have defined precise guidelines to do so,” explains Project Manager Philip Gottschalk. Seven areas of action have been identified: Enhancing the energy performance of sites, using environmentally neutral materials, reducing use of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, using water sparingly, creating more green spaces, striving for zero waste and designing environmentally friendly buildings.
Tenders have been requested to construct new buildings at Eurocopter’s subsidiaries in Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore in line with the above recommendations.

Goals and Concrete Actions
Enhancing energy performance: Reducing the consumption of fossil energy by improving building insulation and developing the use of alternative sources of energy (geothermal energy).
Using environmentally neutral and safe materials: Introducing non-toxic materials, and locally-sourced materials to minimize the pollution caused by their transport.
Stabilizing indoor temperature: Improving window insulation or installing roofs covered in plants.
Using water sparingly: Avoiding any waste of this precious resource, and reducing the burden on the community, by using rainwater for everything apart from drinking water.
Sustainable plant management: Offsetting the plant’s environmental footprint by creating green spaces, for example, or by prioritizing low consumption cars when allocating parking spaces. Striving for zero waste: Using recycled waste, for example, in manufacturing processes.
Designing environmentally-friendly buildings: Choosing construction sites close to public transport, or choosing the construction company according to “green” criteria.