HAP and UHT versions of the Tiger: Final Qualification

The final qualification of the Tiger in its HAP(1) Standard 1 and UHT(2) Step 2/Step 3 versions has paved the way for the aircraft’s future operational use.

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In total, 206 Tigers (all versions) have been ordered and 43 aircraft have already been delivered to various countries.

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The Tiger fleet has already recorded 13,000 flight hours.

On December 17, 2008, the European Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation issued the final qualification of the HAP and UHT versions for France and Germany. This qualification is the third and final step in the development of these two versions. The initial qualification to the “PBL001” standard was issued in 2004, allowing the helicopters to be used for training missions at the Franco-German Tiger Training Academy. The second step was the delivery in July 2006 of helicopters qualified to the “PBL002” standard with all of their operational functionalities. In the final qualification step, all the remaining open points were resolved and extra functionalities were added, such as a naval capability and the integration of a data link for the HAP Tiger, as well as new encrypted radio systems and data links for the UHT version.
France has ordered 40 HAP versions of the Tiger. These aircraft have a 30-mm gun turret, 68-mm rockets, a Strix roof-mounted sight and air-to-air Mistral missiles. Seventeen HAP Tigers have already been delivered, including the two initial Standard 1 aircraft. The UHT version ordered by Germany has 12.7 mm machine gun pods, 70 mm rockets, Stinger air-to-air missiles, Hot and Trigat anti-tank missiles and an Osiris mast-mounted sight. Germany has received nine UHT Tigers qualified to the “PBL001” and “PBL002” standards.
The Tiger is currently the most modern combat helicopter in the world. In total, 206 aircraft have been ordered and 43 Tigers have already been delivered. These aircraft have recorded more than 13,000 flight hours. Australia ordered 22 armed reconnaissance helicopter (ARH) versions of the Tiger, and 12 of these aircraft are now in service. The ARH version will receive its final qualification in 2009. The support suppression helicopter (HAD) version for France and Spain performed its maiden flight in December 2007, and the first deliveries are scheduled for 2011. France and Spain have ordered 40 and 24 HAD Tigers respectively.

(1) French combat support helicopter
(2) German combat support helicopter



For a helicopter such as the Tiger, the weight reduction obtained by using composite materials for the airframe is 10% (and not more than 50%, as was stated erroneously in the article from our special issue of Rotor Journal, “50 Years of Innovation”).