Complex Programs
 Eurocopter / P. Penna
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Complex Programs: Strategy and Stakes

When we hand something over, we have to be sure we know what the next step is. In any case, Eurocopter will never sell off its technology at cut rates just for the sake of short-term gains. We only agree to technology transfers when they are part of our long-term international deployment strategy.

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Eurocopter at Farnborough

Between the Sea and the Sky


The EC225, with its new avionics system, and increased autonomy, speed and comfort, symbolizes true progress in the oil and gas segment. 20 of the 25 EC225s delivered this year by Eurocopter will be used in this segment. The Canadian Helicopter Corporation, which operates the EC225 in particular near Bergen (Norway), ordered 16 EC225s (and 10 options) in 2007.

 Nicolas Gouhier/Abaca press
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