Positive feedback from readers

The readers’ survey conducted last autumn allowed readers of Rotor Journal to express their opinions on the publication’s new format and to make suggestions for improvements. Here are some of the major points.

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Rotor Journal is the preferred reading material for the majority of Eurocopter customers. It turns out that the magazine, published at two-monthly intervals in four languages, has an extremely faithful readership, given that 90.49% of those who completed the questionnaire stated that they always read the magazine as soon as they received it. The question concerning reading habits reveals a genuine interest on the part of the readers, of whom 61.64% said that they read Rotor Journal from cover to cover and 38.36% said that they at least looked at parts of it. Evidently regarded as a reliable source of information (91.41% of replies ticked the boxes “completely agree” or “mostly agree”), the magazine would appear to be essential reading, eagerly awaited and appreciated by its readers.
The new format received a majority of votes in its favour, with 93.84% of readers stating that they found its layout better, and 89.73% agreeing that it was easier to read. By dedicating sufficient room to articles about customers and operators (an opinion shared by 85.2% of Rotor Journal readers) and setting aside plenty of space for photos, Rotor Journal seems to have achieved its objective of serving as an interface that cultivates a feeling of trust between Eurocopter and its customers.

A few suggested improvements
30.13% of the people who sent in replies to the survey made suggestions for improvements, demonstrating their willingness to make an active contribution to improving the quality of their magazine. Obviously very attentive to the content of Rotor Journal, readers would like to see greater emphasis on topics related to research and development, the activities of competitors, and subsidiary companies.
In keeping with the principles of continuous improvement, the editors’ next task is to respond with the next issue, as far as possible, to the suggestions for improvements expressed by Rotor Journal readers, thus offering them a magazine that comes even closer to meeting their expectations.