Keycopter: the customer portal

Last September, Eurocopter launched its Keycopter customer portal. Since mid-February 2008, American customers have had access to this service, which was initially accessible to direct customers in Europe only.

Keycopter is available 24 hours a day and helps clients to manage and maintain their helicopters. It offers a range of services from checking the price, lead time or availability of spare parts to placing an order online and tracking that order up to delivery. Customers can also use Keycopter to consult invoices, and check parts or part numbers using the IPC. The standard forms that are used to send parts for repair or overhaul can now be filled in automatically. Keycopter is a new means of communication that enables customers to submit any request for information about a service, product, lead time or contact.

Going global
American Eurocopter was the first Eurocopter subsidiary to adopt Keycopter, which replaced their previous e-Spares application. Keycopter will soon be extended to customers in Spain, South Africa and Australia, and eventually every customer in the world will be able to access the service.


What customers think

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With Keycopter, for example, the standard forms that are used to send parts for repair or overhaul can now be filled in automatically by customers.

Magn Stian Kvie, logistics manager at Norsk Helicopter

“The introduction of Keycopter is a really important step in improving the relationship between Eurocopter and its customers. This is a userfriendly tool that considerably helps us with our work. We take full advantage of the functions on offer from a logistics point of view, such as the availability of spares, the inter-changeability of parts and online quotations.”

Sébastien Le Cap, logistics manager at MBH Technic’s

“MBH Technic’s is a service station and we also distribute Eurocopter products. We therefore use Keycopter regularly. Keycopter has many advantages: we can do things such as check the price and availability of spares, and enter and follow up orders more effectively. These functionalities significantly reduce our sales representatives’ workload, as our orders can be entered directly using Keycopter. Furthermore, Keycopter is easy to use. It makes life easier for us on a daily basis.”