Delivery of the first EC635
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On 7 March 2008, Armasuisse(1) took delivery of the first EC635 for the Swiss Air Force. Thanks to exceptionally close and efficient cooperation, the contractual delivery date was brought forward by two weeks. The Swiss Light Transport and Training Helicopter (LTSH) programme is therefore entirely on schedule. Signed in April 2006, the contract stipulates the delivery of two EC135s for the air transport squadron of the Swiss Air Force, and 18 EC635s which will perform transport and training missions. In time, the EC635s/EC135s will replace the Alouette III helicopters of the Swiss Air Force, and the aircraft will be delivered at intervals between now and early 2010. Eurocopter will produce the first four helicopters, while the next 16 aircraft will be assembled at RUAG Aerospace in Alpnach, Switzerland. RUAG Aerospace will also perform the I- and D-level maintenance throughout the service life of these EC635 and EC135 helicopters.

(1) The Swiss federal department of defence technology and procurement competence centre.