Eurocopter in the Southern Cone: A dynamic subsidiary

Eurocopter Chile has taken full advantage of the booming helicopter market in the Southern Cone(1) by revitalising its sales and service activities.

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As the only helicopter manufacturer based in the region, Eurocopter Chile has taken full advantage of its local presence to conquer the market. The subsidiary also owes its success to the expertise and versatility of its staff.

The stability and economic growth in Chile is good for helicopter sales. With increased budgets, the military and parapublic organisations can renew and extend their fleets. And, with 30 years of experience, Eurocopter is considered the best on the market. The Chilean Army clearly agrees and is creating a fleet of eight Dauphin helicopters to perform coastal patrol missions. On the civil market, the energy segment has big potential: in addition to the dynamism of the mining sector, there are large swathes of endemic forests and major hydroelectric projects. And, with eight aircraft sold in two years, the AS350 B3 AStar/Ecureuil has established itself as the perfect helicopter for this market, largely due to its power and versatility. Chile has also become one of the most sought after destinations on the ecotourism and extreme tourism markets, generating increased demand for singleengine AStars/Ecureuils. Demand is also growing in the corporate sector where, with six helicopters sold, the EC130 B4 is currently topping the list of sales. But the popularity of the AS365 N3 Dauphin and EC145 also shows that there is also a niche for the twins. On the other side of the Andes, Argentina’s economic consolidation is creating similar growth conditions. In the law enforcement sector, the AS350 B3 AStar/Ecureuil is leading the field (nine aircraft delivered in two years), and in Peru, the growth is attracting foreign operators to mining, where the exceptional qualities of the AS350 B3 AStar/Ecureuil really come to the fore. Turning to the oil & gas sector, new exploration has been launched in the region, which spells opportunities for the EC135 and EC145.

1) Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Uruguay



• Foundation date: 2001
• Shareholders: - Eurocopter Chile: 100% Eurocopter - Eurocopter Cono Sur: 100% Eurocopter Chile
• Headquarters: E. Sánchez Tobalaba airport, Santiago, Chile
• Managing Director: Bernhard Brenner
• Activities: sales, customer support, retrofits, training centre, technical support and assistance, customisation, winter storage, flight line services.
• Territories: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay.
• Employees: 52 people (six nationalities)
• Fleet in 2007: 216 aircraft
• Key figures for 2007:
- Orders: 15 aircraft
- Turnover: US$39 million
- Order taking: US$50 million
- Total market share: 90%
- Share of civil fleet: 45%

FIDAE 2008

Eurocopter will play a central role at the Feria Internacional del Aire y del Espacio (1) which will take place in Santiago from 31 March to 6 April 2008. Various helicopters, such as the AS350 B3 AStar/Ecureuil, EC130 B4 and EC135 will be on display, and the company is organising conferences, flight demonstrations and an EMS seminar to which experts from all over the world are invited.

(1) International Air and Space Fair