Business is booming

From its base in Vung Tau, Southern Service Flight Company (SSFC) has already begun operating its two new AS332 L2 Super Pumas. The second aircraft landed in Vietnam on 19 October 2007, hot on the heels of the first aircraft which flew to Vung Tau in June.

© Eurocopter / E.Raz

SSFC has a fleet of four AS332 L2 Super Pumas and two EC155s, which provide services to the oil & gas industry in Vietnam. “We mainly transport passengers to the oil platforms, although we also perform exploration work, geological and topographical surveys, and filming and photography,” explains Nguyen Duc Hoa, the SSFC director. “We chose the AS332 L2 Super Puma again because we are very satisfied with this aircraft. It is a helicopter with the very latest technology, which meets the requirements of our oil & gas and search & rescue missions perfectly. SSFC wants to carry on expanding its fleet and extending into new markets beyond the borders of Vietnam,” continues Nguyen Duc Hoa. With this in mind, the company signed a letter of intent in October to purchase two additional EC225s.
Northern SFC, an associate company of SSFC, also signed a contract in October to buy two EC155s, which will be operated in the oil & gas sector.



SSFC chose to fly its two Super Pumas to Vung Tau airport, which reduced the transportation costs and meant the helicopter was ready to enter service immediately after landing. “The flight between France and Vietnam crossed ten countries and only took nine days,” explains Capt Patrick Hatton, the pilot in command in charge of the second ferry flight (October). “To ship the aircraft by plane, you need to dismantle the helicopter, and this affects its availability.
The advantage of ferry flying is that the client has the helicopter as soon as it arrives and the pilots also gain good experience by spending five to seven hours a day at its controls. Furthermore, the ferry flight affords an opportunity to check that the helicopter is working perfectly.
We totalled 55 flight hours before landing in Vung Tau - enough to confirm that this aircraft is fully operational.”