Love at first sight

Since 2005, Apostolos Evangelos G. Vakakis, the President and CEO of Jumbo SA, the largest toy distributor in Greece, has owned a Stylence version of the EC130 B4. Mr Vakakis has just bought a second. Testimony.

© Eurocopter / P.Penna

© Eurocopter / P.Penna
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“I am so happy with my Stylence version of the EC130 B4 that I have just ordered a second. The first time I flew in this aircraft was with Maverick Helicopters in the Rocky Mountains. It was love at first sight. I said to myself this helicopter is so beautiful I have to have one of my own. So, I went ahead and bought it, and I was the first EC130 B4 Stylence operator in Greece.
Its interior is wonderfully stylish and refined: the seats are covered in Alcantara® and I can listen to music in the very best conditions. This aircraft flies 250 hours a year and is also a veritable workhorse. I use it for personal travel with my family or, as is very often the case, as part of my work. Such an elegant helicopter is perfect for transporting my top management when we have to visit one of our 40 shops in Greece and Cyprus. I truly appreciate this aircraft’s capacity to transport seven people, its low operating cost, its silence and its air conditioning, which works like a dream. Temperatures in Greece are often very high so air conditioning is very important. I think this is the best helicopter that Eurocopter has designed and I can’t use it often enough!”
Incidentally, maintenance support for this aircraft is provided by Aeroservices, Eurocopter’s authorised dealer in Greece.