Eurocopter in Eastern Europe
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For many years the preserve of Russian helicopters, Eastern Europe is slowly but surely welcoming helicopters from the West. Eurocopter enjoys many advantages in this patchwork region of 20 or so countries and intends to play a major role.
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Flight safety
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Three strands of the directorate

Flight safety activities for the Eurocopter group fleet are now coordinated by a tailormade directorate established in early May and divided in three parts.
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Design me a helicopter

Brazilian Stopover

This scene did not happen in the Sahara as for the little Prince… This EC120B Colibri recently found a good excuse to stop over in Brazil, not due to a technical hitch but simply to take a break in the annual tour “Expedição Brasil” organized by Moreto Helicopters.

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Air Show Reflects Dynamic Market

American Eurocopter > First Delivery from Colombus

THE FIGURE > 250 000