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Petrobras S.A. is the largest energy company in Brazil. In the coming months, the company is set to add two EC135s and two more AS365 N2 Dauphins to the Eurocopter fleet it has been operating for over twenty years.

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With company headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Petrobras is present in several locations across Brazil, where it is involved in oil and gas exploration and production.
The company also has over 100 platforms distributed along the length of the Brazilian coast. Its oil activities are by no means limited to the offshore activities, but also onshore including the Amazonic forest.

Petrobras is also a major player in the Gulf of Mexico as well as Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Nigeria, and the United States.
To transport its personnel to the oil rigs, Petrobras operates a fleet comprising two AS332 L1 Super Pumas, three AS332 L2 Super Pumas, an AS365 N2 Dauphin, five AS365 N3 Dauphins, two EC135s, and two BO105 CBS helicopters (soon to be replaced by two EC135s).

“We use helicopters of various sizes,” comments Marco Aurelio R. Balboa, Senior Engineer at Petrobras.
“For example, we have platforms situated over 110 nautical miles from Macaé City (in the south-eastern state of Rio de Janeiro).
Since long range is essential here, these rigs are served by Super Pumas.
On other oil rigs, where the helipads are of a reduced size, we need the EC135 to be able to land safely. These helicopters fly out from Guamaré and Paracuru (in the north of Brazil).
These particular Eurocopter helicopters have been chosen because each one draws on state-of-the-art technical features to satisfy specific Petrobras requirements.
Another invaluable resource which we especially appreciate is the support of Helibras, whose personnel never fail to find the right solution, and fast!”


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Petrobras has more than 100 oil platforms along the Brazilian coast, but this Brazilian company is also very active in the Gulf of Mexico, Angola, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Nigeria, and the United States.

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