A Privileged Interface for Each Customer

In order to optimize the overall performance of Customer Support, specialized interfaces and systematic reporting functions have been set up. Read on for customer testimony.

The Logistics Department at Customer Support has made customer satisfaction its number one priority. The department has been organized into integrated work teams that are focused entirely on handling all the Eurocopter customers’ spare parts needs.
The Key Logistic Manager (KLM) who is assigned to each customer has become the focal point for the overall services – from the taking of orders through to the final delivery. A Regional Logistic Manager oversees all the KLMs working in the same zone and insures the coordination of the work teams. The results of this new set-up have been more reliable customer relations and increased responsibilities for all the key players who insure the overall performance of Customer Support.

Optimized Customer Relations
Since May 2005, reports have been sent to customers on a regular basis. The goal is to send out at least once per month a complete assessment of the customer’s order book. Meetings are regularly scheduled on customer premises, and weekly meetings are then held between the KLMs and the different players at Eurocopter who are involved in the process.
These meetings are intended to insure that the plan of actions is successfully completed.

Christian Da Silva


Europe-South Africa: Véronique Selles

North and South America: Stéphane Jouberjean

Stéphane Jouberjean

French Government and British Defense Ministry: Sylvie Sausse

EC135, EC145, BO105, BK117: Holger Skov

Oil & Gas : Véronique Selles (acting replacement)

Lieutenant-Colonel Fernando Torquato Chagas, Commission Chief, Materiel Directorate, Brazilian Army*

“Since the new organization was set up, I have noted a substantial improvement in our relations with Eurocopter teams at the Logistics Department. They are now providing us with information on a daily basis that is much more complete for each ordered item. The delivery times for spares and repaired parts that have been sent to the Taubate air base has also noticeably improved. Overall, ties with the customers have become much more integrated.”

(*) Accompanied by Stéphane Jouberjean (center), in charge of the North and South America Region, and Sebastiao Francisco Figuereido, a non-commissioned officer in the Brazilian Air Force.

Stéphane Maucci, President of Mont Blanc Hélicoptères Technic’s*

“Since September 2006, we are pleased to report that deliveries from Eurocopter have greatly improved. Over time, the implementation of the new set-up and the new solutions will make it easier for us to manage our accounting, our weekly and bi-monthly invoicing, and our grouped deliveries for multiple orders. For our maintenance activities, it is crucial for us to constantly receive the most up-to-date information so that we can respond to the end customer. You have responded to our needs, and now we would like to see your logistical performances continue to improve over the long-term.”

(*) Accompanied by Véronique Selles, in charge of the Europe-South Africa Region.