At Cruising Speed

The Tiger program is in its active production phase. As of mid-October 2006, 21 Tigers had been delivered to customers and 35 were being manufactured on the three assembly lines.

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The first Tiger is scheduled to enter squadron service in Pau (France) during the first quarter of 2007. But three of the program’s four customers – the German, French and Spanish armies – are currently undergoing training on the Tiger at the French-German Training Academy in Le Luc en Provence (South of France). At the end of September, thirteen Tigers operated by the academy had already chalked up more than 2000 flight hours in operations performed by all three armies. A team made up of about thirty Eurocopter specialists is responsible for fleet maintenance (technical assistance, maintenance, logistical support and spare parts supplies). At the same time, the Training Academy of Fassberg is training the technicians and engineers who will be working on the most modern combat helicopters in the world. Down under, Australian Aerospace is working together with local partners to provide the Australian Army with the equipment it needs to train its pilots on the Tiger. A major milestone was reached early this year when a flight and mission simulator was delivered to the training academy in Oakey. The initial operational capability of the Australian Tiger fleet should become a reality in mid-2007. In addition, the development of the HAD version with more powerful engines is advancing right on schedule, as per the contract signed on 30 November 2005 between Eurocopter and the OCCAR(1).

(1) European organization for joint armament cooperation

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One basic platform - four versions


In Marignane (France)
Final assembly of HAP and HAD versions for France and Spain. 11 helicopters currently being assembled, 3 in ground testing, 7 in flight testing(1).

In Donauwörth (Germany)
Final assembly of UHT versions for Germany. 16 helicopters currently being assembled, 4 in ground testing, 2 in flight testing(1).

In Brisbane (Australia)
Final assembly of ARH versions for Australia. 8 helicopters currently being assembled, 3 in ground testing, 5 in flight testing(1).

In Albacete (Spain)
Final assembly of HAD versions for Spain. Operations due to start up in 2007.

(1) In mid-October 2006


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The French Army performed the acceptance of its tenth Tiger in the HAP(1) version on 2 November 2006. The helicopter has the step2(2) configuration and will be based in Le Luc, where it will be used as a training platform for the pilots of the ALAT(3). This is the last Tiger in the HAP version to be assigned to the EFA(4) for training duties. The two remaining machines to be delivered this year will be assigned to the French Army units in Pau. The total number of flight hours logged by the French fleet as of the 1st of November 2006 was 1300, and all the Tigers in the different versions delivered to the four customer countries (Australia, France, Germany and Spain) totaled 3000 flight hours after delivery.

(1) “Hélicoptère Appui Protection”/ Combat support helicopter
(2) Version including a countermeasure system and new standard/mission software
(3) French Army Air Corps
(4) “École Franco-Allemande” / Franco-German training academy


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GERMANY: 80 in UHT(1) version
FRANCE: 40 in HAP(2) version and 40 in HAD(3) version
AUSTRALIA: 22 in ARH(4) version
SPAIN: 24 in HAD version

(1) Unterstützunghubschauber.
(2) “Hélicoptère Appui Protection” / Combat Support Helicopter.
(3) “Hélicoptère Appui Destruction” / Support Suppression Helicopter.
(4) Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter.