An Outstanding Commercial Success

With 400 machines ordered by twelve different countries (and an additional 100 on option), the NH90 has proven to be an international commercial success
beyond comparison.

It can hardly be considered a coincidence that the NH90 has become the reference in its category even before the first helicopter has been delivered – this is a machine with many strong selling points.
It is equipped with the latest generation of manmachine interfaces, which are highly intuitive and ergonomic and significantly reduce the workload of the flight crew.

The fly-by-wire controls offer improved security, and its composite-based structure means higher crash resistance. With its unique blade-folding system, it can easily be embarked on marine vessels for sea missions.
All of these features caught the eye of its future operators. Another reason for its success is its modular configuration; it has been possible to integrate the different mission systems of each country, to develop a “high cabin” version for Sweden, and to offer two different power plants.

A total of 25 different variants have now been created. Another advantage for the different armed forces has been the wide range of missions the NH90 is capable of performing – from troop transport to Combat SAR(1).
It can carry twenty commandos at a speed of 300 km/hr over a distance of 900 km. Access has been facilitated via two doors and a rear ramp. Its allweather capability guarantees availability and flight crew safety. Its low detectability levels mean increased survivability, and its inter-operational capabilities make it possible to meet the needs of all possible scenarios for future military missions.

All these features have made the NH90 a real knuckle-biter for its competitors. The operators have made the sure choice. ■

(1) Search And Rescue


Marignane (France): Final assembly of NFH(1) versions for France and Germany, and the TTH(2) versions for France and for export. 11 machines currently being assembled, 5 in ground testing, 9 in flight testing(3).

Donauwörth (Germany): Final assembly of TTH and NFH versions for Germany. 10 machines currently being assembled, 7 in ground testing, 5 in flight testing(3).

Vergiate (Italy): Final assembly of NFH versions for the Netherlands, Italy and for export, as well as the TTH versions for Italy. 14 machines currently being assembled, 3 in ground testing, 5 in flight testing(3).

Halli (Finland): Final assembly of TTT(4) and NFH versions for Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway). 9 machines currently being assembled, 5 in ground testing, 1 in flight testing(3).

(1) NATO Frigate Helicopter.
(2) Tactical Transport Helicopter.
(3) In mid-October, 2006.
(4) Tactical Troop Transport.


Army: 50 TTH (+ 30 on option)
Air Force: 30 TTH (+ 24 on option)
46 TTH
20 TTT
Navy: 27 NFH
20 TTH (+ 14 on option)
Army: 60 TTH
Navy: 10 TTH
+ 46 NFH
Air Force: 1 TTH/CSAR on option

14 NFH (+ 10 on option)
20 TTH
Navy: 20 NFH (+ 2 TTH on option)
Army: 10 TTH
SWEDEN (high cabin version)
18 TTH (+ 7 on option)

The NH90 has also been
selected by Spain and Belgium.


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Eurocopter (France): powerplants, rotors, electrical systems, flight  controls, central avionics.

Agusta (Italy): tail cone, main gearbox, automatic flight control system, hydraulics, installation monitoring systems, NFH naval  mission packages, NFH installation.

Eurocopter (Germany): nose and central sections; fuel, communication, and avionics control systems; shared mission packages; and TTH tactical

Stork Fokker (The Netherlands): tail boom, doors, flotation boxes, landing gear and intermediate gearbox.


NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) represents the customer. It is responsible for program monitoring
and the qualification of the weapon systems. It also acts as the single contact with the prime contractor for the negotiation, attribution and  xecution of the primary contracts.

NHIndustries (NATO Helicopter Industries) is the prime contractor for the design,  evelopment, industrialization and production of the aircraft. As per the agreement signed by the industrial consortium made up of Eurocopter, Agusta and Fokker, NH Industries is responsible for program management, order sub-contracting, marketing, sales, and support for helicopters in service worldwide. It is also the owner of the helicopter’s type certification.