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X3 Demonstrator



    Airbus Helicopters' X3 hybrid helicopter makes aviation history in achieving a speed milestone of 255 knots during level flight

    X3 Speed Record

    Airbus Helicopters’ innovative X3 technology demonstrator was in the spotlight from the ILA Berlin air show’s opening and participated in the daily flight demonstrations.

    Airbus Helicopters' revolutionary X3 helicopter arrived in Washington for final leg of aircraft's U.S. tour.

    Airbus Helicopters begun the U.S. tour of its X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter.

    The Airbus Helicopters X3 hybrid aircraft has arrived in the United States for a month-long tour to demonstrate this advanced high-speed transportation system’s unique operational capabilities for both civil and military operators.

    The American Helicopter Society (AHS) International awarded its annual recognition for helicopter technology improvement to Airbus Helicopters’ team that developed its X3 hybrid demonstrator aircraft.

    Airbus Helicopters innovation took to the skies at the Paris Air Show: the X3 hybrid demonstrator make its public flight debut.

    Airbus Helicopters’ X3 hybrid helicopter demonstrator has delivered on the promise of pushing the frontiers in rotary-wing aviation by surpassing its original speed target of 220 kts. demonstrating the compound aircraft’s performance, capabilities and maturity.

    Airbus Helicopters X3 before Flight

    Speed objective of 180 kts is attained ahead of schedule for this innovative rotary-wing aircraft.

    Airbus Helicopters has begun test flights of the X3 demonstrator for its innovative High-speed, long-range Hybrid Helicopter (H3) concept, which combines excellent vertical takeoff and landing capabilities with fast cruise speeds of more than 220 kts.

    Airbus Helicopters X3 flights over The Provence


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