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Technical publications

Your starting point for performance 

Airbus Helicopters is committed to providing its customers complete and accurate information to ensure their safe rotorcraft operations and maintenance in a cost-effective manner.

Three types of manuals provided: 
  • Airworthiness manuals: The Flight Manual (FM) provides information such as operating procedures, limitations, performance data and other technical figures.
  • Maintenance manuals: These technical publications contain data for maintenance, repair, description and identification of helicopter parts, including airborne and ground equipment.
  • Procurement and identification manuals (parts and tools catalog): These manuals provide lists and illustrations that allow for the identification and procurement of parts and tools required for spares or repair.
This documentation covers standard and customized aircraft installations as well as optional equipment.

This documentation covers standard and customized aircraft installations as well as optional equipment. Airbus Helicopters provides technical documentation in several formats: paper; PDFs; web-based XML/CGM Interactive Electronic Documentation (IETP), which includes advanced functions such as hyperlinks, search engines, possibility to customize documentation and to order spares from the catalog, periodic updates and more.

To provide customers with immediate access to information and to keep their rotorcraft operational, Airbus Helicopters has designed Technical Information Publication on Internet (T.I.P.I.), a website that issues publications such as Alert Service Bulletins (ASBs), Service Bulletins (SBs) and Safety Information Notices (SINs), among others, in real time. 


To register for this service exclusively dedicated to Airbus Helicopters customers and Airbus Helicopters aircraft pilots, visit T.I.P.I. and follow the instructions or send an e-mail to tipi.assistance@eurocopter.com






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