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  • A flexible package of services
    Available anywhere, any time

    To ensure the full benefits and availability of your aircraft, Airbus Helicopters has set up specific packages customized for oil and gas operations. Airbus Helicopters’ worldwide network provides a local solution to keep you flying – backed by a 24/7 customer support team.


    In-service Introduction Package

    The arrival of a new helicopter in your fleet often entails adjustments to your organization.

    Airbus Helicopters helps set up activities and best organize logistical and technical assistance for your fleet. We propose additional training and provide an initial set of consumables and the necessary tools to begin your operations.

    SASOperational training

    Airbus Helicopters offers a wide variety of customized training courses for pilots and technicians, aiming to exceed all regulation requirements for improved airworthiness. These flexible recurrent training programs are a key contributor to the company’s safety policy.

    Concentrating on professional skills and expertise, pilot training is performed with state-of-the-art technology. The use of level-D full flight simulators enables us to create realistic conditions for offshore flight scenarios and offer a safe simulation of various scenarios while the aircraft continues to perform commercial flight.

    Field services

    Airbus Helicopters remains in close proximity to its customers. Training is performed in the continually expanding worldwide network of 19 training centers. From VCPT* to FFS**, Airbus Helicopters focuses on reducing operators’ training costs by bringing its competencies close to their locations.

    On-the-job technician training covers proven and new technology systems, new maintenance operation modes and optimized scheduled maintenance. Airbus Helicopters' instructors support improved maintenance mode through enhanced aircraft troubleshooting according to the company's documentation.



    For offshore missions, Airbus Helicopters’ aircraft are generally equipped with an advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), which provides precise observation of the helicopter's main components.

    Airbus Helicopters offers a support package for an optimal use of this system, as well as reactive and efficient data management, which also covers 24/7 assistance and software updates. In addition, regularly scheduled user conferences are designed to share information on best practices and new functionalities.

    Helicopter Operations Monitoring Program (HOMP) service is also available through Airbus Helicopters’ PGS data management and mission replay software. The company's associated support package provides customers with training and assistance.


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