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  • At Airbus Helicopters, safety is and always has been the number one priority for products and services.
    Everyday, thousands of people fly on Airbus Helicopters aircraft: Their safety is Airbus Helicopters’ top concern. Day in and day
    out, Airbus Helicopters employees around the world contribute to the safety of its products, processes and services. Airbus Helicopters continues to improve its safety standards, requires its suppliers to do the same and shares this culture with its customers.
    Airbus Helicopters is fully committed to safety as the most important aspect
    of its business.

    Airbus Helicopters products and services involve many disciplines: Design, Flight Tests, Production, Continuing Airworthiness, Training, Maintenance, Quality. The main objective for all disciplines remains to ensure the safety of our aircraft.
    This safety website aims to provide you with some safety related information and to improve the safety for everyone.


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