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    MediumThe 7-ton-class EC175 helicopter is the newest Airbus Helicopters medium, twin-engine rotorcraft, which has been designed with input from oil and gas operators to meet their demanding requirements.

    Helicopter Safety

    • Innovative Avionics suite
    • Most advanced dual duplex 4-axis helicopter autopilot
    • Energy absorbing seats and crashworthy fuel tanks
    • De-icing system
    Best passenger experience
    • Unrivalled cabin volume and large sliding doors.
    • 8 large windows.
    • First-class seating arrangement
    • Air conditioning.


    The EC175 offers the largest cabin of its class to meet a variety of requirements. The flat-floored cabin with unrivalled volume and large sliding doors on both sides allows customers to quickly reconfigure the aircraft from its crew change configuration to freight, search and rescue (SAR) or corporate layouts

    5 large emergency exits per side

    The EC175’s emergency exits exceed EASA “Type IV” standards, allowing for evacuation in a matter of seconds with ten large push-out windows.

    Emergency floatation gear

    The system is designed to sustain emergency ditching up to Sea State VI in the whole Mass/CG envelope. In case of emergency, passengers can evacuate onto jettison-able life rafts.

    Cockpit concept

    State-of-the-art new Human Machine Interface from the Airbus Helicopters concept family.

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