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Eurocopter and COHC Sign Contract for Two AS 332 L1 Super Pumas in Offshore Configuration and Additional Optional Helicopters

On November 1st, during the Airshow China in Zhuhai, in the presence of Philippe Camus, CEO of EADS (European Aeronautics Defense and Systems), Norbert Ducrot, Eurocopter Executive Vice President for Asia and Li Jian Yi, President and CEO of COHC (Citic Offshore Helicopter Co. Ltd.), signed a purchase contract of a value worth 24.7 million Euros for two AS 332 L1 Super Pumas with an option to acquire one EC 225 and one EC 155 B1 helicopters.


This signature clearly shows the dynamism of COHC, leader on its market and confirms the close relations between the European manufacturer Eurocopter and the Chinese operator.


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As a reminder, this contract follows a former agreement signed between the two companies for 2 EC 155B1s.


COHC already operates a sizeable Eurocopter fleet comprising seven AS 332 L1 Super Puma, five AS 365 N Dauphins, three EC 155 Bs, and one EC 135 P2.


Since November 2002, Eurocopter holds a 21 per cent stake in COHC GAMEC (COHC General Aviation Maintenance and Engineering Co.) which offers optimum-proximity services to the benefit of Chinese operators.  The maintenance center is based in Shenzhen.


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Created in July 2001, COHC GAMEC was previously a joint venture between:


·         COHC (Citic Offshore Helicopter Co. Ltd.), the largest civil helicopter operator in China, and the leader in offshore operations with more than 60% of the Chinese market.  COHC’s helicopter fleet mostly comprises Eurocopter helicopters.


·         Samwell Aviation of Hong Kong, a distributor of helicopter products


·         Bristow of England, a well-known helicopter offshore operator and key player in the helicopter maintenance market.


Eurocopter was invited by the initial shareholders of COHC GAMEC to bring its name, its quality and its expertise to this joint venture fully dedicated to helicopter support and maintenance.


According to the current partners of COHC GAMEC (COHC, Samwell and Bristow), the addition of Eurocopter to the capital structure, and its participation in the management of the joint venture is a key success factor for the growth of the company. 


Since September 2003, Eurocopter takes a major part in the daily operations of the company, and has appointed the Quality Manager, the Technical Manager and the Chief Financial Officer (Deputy) of COHC GAMEC.


COHC GAMEC is recognized as the Eurocopter Approved Maintenance Center in China for the Super Puma, Dauphin and Ecureuil helicopter models.


Let’s underline that Eurocopter is determined to make COHC GAMEC grow and widen the range of its services in China.



Eurocopter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EADS. EADS is the second-largest aerospace and defence company in the world with revenues of € 30.1 billion in the year 2003 and a workforce of more than 100,000.  It is a systems integrator and as such one of the few companies worldwide capable of combining various products and technologies to form complete systems. EADS is a market leader in civil aeronautics, defence and security technology, helicopters, launchers, satellites, military transport and combat aircraft and the associated services. The company has over 70 sites in France, Germany, Great Britain and Spain and is active in many regions worldwide, amongst them America, Russia and Asia.




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